Ethical code

Our code of ethics

The operations of Petition Online Canada are carried out following the values and principles of the ethical code which gives inspiration to every company representative, to all employees and all external partners.

Although newly formed (we were born in 2009), following this code, we have become the world’s number one platform for collecting petitions.

Our dream is to change the world, something that we don't always achieve, but our online signature collections have been useful and are useful to make a voice strong and be heard. Nothing can compare to the speed and capillarity of the Internet.

With the following Code of Ethics the Activism network intends to formally adopt the principles of legitimacy, righteousness, transparency and verifiability to have as a code of conduct. This code sets the main rules to be followed by representatives, employees, and external partners, who are required to exercise their activities with professionalism, attentiveness and honesty, pursuing the interests of the company, the clients and the general needs of the members. The exercise of the decisional powers and all other activities are, therefore, subject to the above mentioned values and principles. The Company chooses its partners among those that share the same values (legal person and natural person). The noncompliance of this Code will be considered as an infraction of the deontological principles and an infraction of the duty of honesty towards the Company.

Petition Online Canada doesn’t receive money from governments or associations, the only means on financial support we receive is through the advertisements you see on our web pages. The advertisements are managed by important third-party partners, as for example Google INC, who accept and share our views. It is only a display advertisement which doesn’t share any information on our users. Just as an advert you see on TV.

We will never give information of our users to external companies, because those that give their signature don’t give any data to us, but give their names for the fights in which they believe.

It’s because we follow our Code of Ethics that we have become important partners to No Profit Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations, and normal citizens around the world. We are the starting point of the non-violent battles.

Ethical Code

Petition Online Canada operates in the field of online signature collection. The model of development proposed is that of a business which puts itself forward as the conveyer of morally elevated values, such as the total respect of the law, the respect for the workers for whom the law exists and is given life, fair competition between companies that operate in the same field. True to basic choices, Petition Online Canada founds itself on values of honesty, transparency, discretion, security and fair competition and is bided by the here present Code of Conduct in all its acts, addressed to internal affairs or to the outside world. In this context, the here present Code, constitutes a point of reference to which everyone that contributes in any way to Online Petitions, and first among all those who are called to manage it, must conform their conduct to it.

Principles :


Petition Online Canada cannot be successful without there being mutual trust between all parties that, each day, give their contribution to the company: clients, employees, representatives and partners. The trust is based on sharing the mission, on each party respecting the values and the provisions of the here present Code: each party then, is bided to follow it strictly. The lack of respect, at any level, of such rules does not comply with the activities carried out by Petition Online Canada. Therefore mutual respect is essential, on behalf of everyone, which will, in turn, bring to a cooperation between the parties characterized by a complex diversity of manners and a language which is proper to behaviour of correctness, respect and good manners which have to be always present within the company structure and in the relationships aimed at the outside world.

Human Resources

Valuing our human resources, respecting their independence, giving incentives based on their participation to company decisions, these factors constitute the founding principles of Petition Online Canada which will organize training and updating courses intended to develop specific professional outlines and to preserve and enhance skills acquired during the course of the partnership.


Petition Online Canada must make sure that its members, employees and partners are aware of the ethical implication of their actions, and don’t pursue personal or corporate profit at the expense of the respect of the law and of the rules here presented. The previously mentioned parties must, in all circumstance, avoid giving illicit benefits to a client or provider. Petition Online Canada must ensure that its members, employees and partners do not operate in a situation in which they are the proprietors, personal or on behalf of a third party, of interests that are in conflict with the contractual counterparts.


Petition Online Canada must ensure that its members, employees and partners can convey a clear, accurate and thorough image of the business in all its parts and help to understand it. To this end, we ensure the most complete and transparent information in regards to the guidelines of the social activity.


Given the special nature of the company’s operations, Petition Online Canada must ensure that its members, employees and partners will protect the privacy of the clients personal information and of all those that provide, to any end, their own personal information to Petition Online Canada, held both in the company’s data bank and in the personal archives, and must adopt measures in order to fulfil all the requirements provided by the current legislations on matters of privacy. The processing which the collected data will undergo will be used exclusively by Petition Online Canada and will be aimed at the specific use for the activity carried out. Whoever has access, because of his or her role or because of the job being carried out, to privileged information concerning the Company or its clients is vowed to respect the norms and procedures in force and in any case to guarantee the character of confidentiality and privacy. The access, preservation and transmission of personal information of any type concerning the clients must be carried out only to ensure the service is provided and must only be carried out by the necessary members of staff. The staff, the members and the representatives of the company commit themselves to scrupulously respecting the norms that govern matters of privacy.


Petition Online Canada must ensure that its members, employees and partners are always mindful of existing circumstances and not, therefore, having opportunistic or discriminatory behaviour. Petition Online Canada is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, age, gender, physical disability or any other such criteria.

Health and Safety in the Work Place

Petition Online Canada must ensure that its members, employees and partners adopt safety measures required by the development of technology and work to ensure that the physical integrity and the moral personality of the employees is guaranteed.